Medium Voltage Equipment

Here are some reports on Medium Voltage Equipment and related topics.

Overview of the 2014-2016 U.S. Transmission and Distribution Equipment Market – Medium Voltage Series

An update to the 2011 report series, these very brief report summaries are 2-3 pages each and provide highlighted facts and figures on major market participants and their products, market share, pricing information, market sizing and a forecast of U.S. revenue through 2016. The reports in the Overview series are perfect for business development managers, investors and energy market researchers who want a snapshot of the U.S. market for many different medium voltage electric T&D products. Purchase individually at $150 each:

MV01 – Air Insulated Metal Clad Switchgear

MV02 – MV Motor Controllers

MV03 – MV Gas Insulated Switchgear

MV04 – Automatic Circuit Reclosers

MV05 – Outdoor Distribution Circuit Breakers (5-38kv)

MV06 – Load Interrupter Switchgear

MV07 – Overhead Disconnect Switches (15-38kv)

MV08 – Sectionalizers

MV09 – Fused Cutouts

MV10 – Pad Mounted Switchgear

MV11 – Submersible Switchgear

MV12 – Bus Duct and Bus Bar

MV13 – Substation Class Pad Mounted Capacitors

MV14 – Current/Instrument Transformers

MV15 – Fault Current Limiters

MV16 – Fault Current Indicators and Faulted Circuit Indicators

MV17 – Current Limiting Fuses and Fuse Links

MV18 – Surge Arresters

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Overview of the 2014-2016 U.S. Transmission and Distribution Equipment Market – Medium Voltage Series – COMPLETE SET

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Mid-2013 Assessment and Outlook of the Market for Medium Voltage Fault Current Limiters

Readers of this 12 page market overview will learn about the current and planned level of MV FCL use in the U.S. Market share estimates for the two leading suppliers are provided. Global estimates and forecasts are also provided for MV FCLs.

If you are involved in, or are thinking about becoming involved as a supplier of MV fault current limiters, you cannot afford to be without this major new market summary from Newton-Evans.

Newton-Evans Research Company began work in February, 2012 to undertake a study of the U.S. market for Medium Voltage Fault Current Limiters (MV FCL). Initial work began immediately to collect secondary information on MV FCLs. Contact was established and meetings held with the officials responsible for FCLs at the two known U.S.-based suppliers that have existing customers (ABB and G&W).

Newton-Evans staff undertook telephone interviews with 42 of the leading U.S. and Canadian Utilities to discuss use and plans for MV FCLs.

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