Quantitative Marketing Research

The role of quantitative research studies at Newton-Evans’ is critical to the value of our multi-client studies and client-exclusive research on an array of electric power and other energy topics.  The approach to conducting quantitative research includes the formulation of large samples of utilities, using both judgment and random sampling techniques. Typically this is the approach used to gather projectable market information on transmission and distribution products and equipment, systems and services from a broad grouping of utilities based on size, type and location.  About an equal number of studies are conducted for North American markets and for global markets in a given year.  Newton-Evans’ pre-tests surveys with a representative panel of utility officials who provide technical assistance in the formulation of questions as well as line of questioning, flow, comprehension of terms and the like.

Since 1978, more than 75,000 individual surveys have been completed by respondents to various Newton-Evans’ market and technology studies.