Assessment and Overview of the World Market for Time Synchronization in Electric Power Substations: A Utility and Industry Survey-Based Report on Precision Timing Requirements

During the second quarter of 2013, Newton-Evans Research Company undertook a two-pronged research program to determine the current usage patterns and mid-term plans among electric utilities for implementing time synchronization, the use of various time reference standards and the role of GPS. Concurrently, manufacturers of substation devices were queried about the extent to which their products and equipment supported precision timing protocol.By August 1, Newton-Evans had received usable survey responses (or replies) from 17 manufacturing company participants, 57 utilities from nearly 30 countries, and substation engineering teams from six major transmission and distribution engineering consulting firms.

The report is organized in three sections. The first section summarizes the survey findings from 17 leading suppliers of substation automation-related intelligent devices. The second section is a summary of findings from a survey of utilities around the world regarding their approaches and plans for time synchronization in their electric power substations. The third section is our synopsis of the size, vertical industry focus and global sales regions for the identified suppliers of precision timing clocks (whether PTP IEEE 1588-compatible or not).

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