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The Newton-Evans Research Company is recognized worldwide for its 34 year track record of client studies on topics that are now referred to as “smart grid initiatives.”  Our core research competencies include market studies and in-depth business and market analyses concerning usage patterns and trends for a range of technical information systems, including utility operations control systems, substation automation and integration, distribution automation, automated metering,  and protection and control.

Transmission and distribution infrastructure studies are also conducted on just about every operational component of the “smart grid.”  Recent T&D infrastructure research study topics have included power transformers, capacitors, switches, insulators, distribution transformers, reclosers and controls, arrestors, sensors, substation and revenue meters, GIS, switchgear, test equipment, distribution transformers, apparatus monitors and a range of field monitoring devices and systems.

Please contact us if your company or utility has a national, regional or worldwide market information requirement concerning the energy marketplace,  product or service usage patterns and trends affecting any T&D related topic, whether it be automation, information systems or infrastructure.  We assist leading manufacturers, systems integrators, consultants, utilities and market channel intermediaries in attaining a better and more realistic understanding of the marketing, technological and business issues and trends affecting business operations and business plans addressing the global energy market.

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