North American Market for Electric Power Substation Engineering and Automation Services Will Exceed $550 Million Between 2013-2016

Newton-Evans Study Finds Four Major Types of Substation Integration Service Providers

March 14, 2014 – Ellicott City, MD. The Newton-Evans Research Company has released additional findings from its newly published four volume research series titled The World Market for Substation Automation and Integration Programs in Electric Utilities: 2014-2016.

This report series observes that there are four major types of professional third party service providers that assist electric utilities with substation modernization. These firms can range from smaller local or regional engineering consultancies to major global participants in EPC work, to the manufacturers of substation devices and platforms, and on to substation integration specialist firms that source and integrate devices from multiple manufacturers. The role of such services providers is growing in importance each year. North American values for external substation engineering and automation services provided to electric utilities over the 2013-2016 years will likely exceed $550 million according to the study findings. This is an important segment of a potential overall total world market for substation modernization that now exceeds $38 billion.

Estimates of the North American 2013 Share Estimates for Professional Services Providers of Electric Power Substation Integration and Automation Activities

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The North American market report (Volume One) includes survey participation from more than 120 large and midsize US and Canadian electric utilities while the international market report (Volume Two) includes survey participation from 98 unique utilities located in 57 countries around the world.

In addition to the baseline survey questions, the report includes 2013 substation survey findings on four additional specific topics: communications issues; protective relaying trends; time synchronization developments and the CAPEX/OPEX outlook for substation modernization.

The Profiles report (Volume Three) provides information on the substation modernization activities of 91 product and services companies around the world.

Volume Four is the market synopsis and outlook for substation automation and integration around the world. Section One of the report provides top-level views of substation modernization, automation & integration, and a narrative market synopsis. Section Two provides year-end 2013 estimates of population, electric power generation capacity, transmission substations and primary MV distribution substations for more than 120 countries in eight world regions. Section Three provides information on North American electric utility expenditures for substation automation and integration programs and equipment types. Both historical estimates and three year forecasts are provided. Section Four of this report includes North American market share estimates for 2013 shipments of many substation automation-related devices and equipment.

Additional information on the four volume study Worldwide Market for Substation Automation and Integration Programs in Electric Utilities: 2014-2016 is available from Newton-Evans Research Company, 10176 Baltimore National Pike, Suite 204, Ellicott City, Maryland 21042. Phone 1-410-465-7316 or visit our reports page. Chuck Newton can be reached at