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Newton-Evans Surveys Underway

Outlook Study for HV and MV Equipment Purchasing Plans
Newton-Evans Research is conducting a study of U.S. electric utility plans for T&D equipment purchases over the coming 36 months. If you work in power transmission or distribution and specify or procure equipment, you can help the utility community by participating in the study. In turn, we will share back the findings and provide an honorarium as well. Aggregated equipment demand levels will have an influence on prices and options for capital equipment used in power transmission and distribution.

The survey results will be reported only in aggregate form. Here is a link to the SM version of the survey:

Thank You for your consideration of this request.

EMS/SCADA/DMS/OMS Usage Patterns and Plans – 2017-2019
Newton-Evans Research is underway with its 14th study of EMS/SCADA/DMS and OMS activities. If you are involved with utility systems operations technology and would like to participate along with more than 100 other leading utilities, please complete the online survey found here: In turn, we will share back the study’s findings with you, which will enable your utility to conduct internal benchmarking vis-a-vis the broader control systems user community – by type and size of utility. An honorarium will also be provided. Thank you for your consideration of this request.