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Upcoming Early Autumn Conference Participation

After a brief summer hiatus, away from energy industry events, with the successful IEEE Power and Energy Society event recently completed, and this not being a CIGRE year, the summer lull in conferences has taken hold until early September.

Then things start getting busy, with dozens of electric power and related energy conferences scheduled for the September-November months.

Newton-Evans’ Chuck Newton has speaking roles at three upcoming conferences over a three-week period on three different – but related – topics.

First, at the upcoming EMMOS (Energy Management and Market Operations Systems) conference being held in New Orleans (September 17-20) Chuck will brief attendees on “Grid Modernization from an Energy Policy Perspective” on Monday, September 18.

Two days later (September 20) Chuck will speak in Auburn, Alabama on “Communications Trends in Utility Operations” at the annual “Auburn Conference” (aka the Southeast Distribution Apparatus School and Conference).

On October 4, speaking at the SCADA Technology Summit in Denver, Colorado, Chuck will keynote the conference with a talk on “North American Market Trends and Technology Advances in SCADA, Substation Automation and Protection and Control.”