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Coming Soon: The World Market Study of SCADA, EMS, DMS & OMS in Electric Utilities: 2017-2019

Here is a brochure and order form:

Newton-Evans’ World Market Study of SCADA, Energy Management Systems, Distribution Management Systems and Outage Management Systems in Electric Utilities: 2017-2019 is a four volume, multi-client market report. Participants in this market study include utility engineers and managers from investor-owned utilities, municipal and provincial utilities, cooperative utilities within the United States and Canada, together with national power systems throughout the world.

The study will measure current market sizes and will contain projections on a world region basis for the next several years. The entire research program will define the product and market requirements which suppliers must meet in order to successfully participate in one or more of these diverse world market regions.

In the first quarter of 2013, Newton-Evans estimated a combined value of awards for EMS, SCADA, DMS, OMS and energy exchange and ISO/RTO systems at upwards of $6.5 Billion over 4 years. It will be important for electric utilities and control system vendors to learn how changes in the world market conditions since then will affect the outlook for 2017-2019.

Field survey work is conducted using a mix of primary research methods including personal interviews, mail surveys, faxes, e-mail and follow-up telephone interviews. Over the past 15 years, more than 1,000 utility officials have participated in one or more Newton-Evans grid modernization and energy automation-related studies.

The survey-based findings in Volumes 1 (North American Market) and 2 (International Market) will discuss the following:
 Approximate number of Poletop RTUs, Feeder/secondary RTU’s/Smart DA devices, Substation RTUs, PLCs, SA platforms, Synchrophasor measurement units, and Substation level phasor data concentrators. Anticipated numbers planned for installation by year-end 2017, along with protocol requirements.
 Plans to implement IEC 61850
 Communications Methods in use and planned for use
 SCADA/EMS/DMS/OMS procurements, new, replacement and upgrade plans for SCADA/EMS/DMS/OMS
 External assistance and third party services requirements in control center operations