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The Worldwide Study of the Protective Relay Marketplace in Electric Utilities: 2016-2018, a four volume report series by Newton-Evans Research Company, is scheduled for publication May 6th, 2016.

Newton-Evans’ Worldwide Study of the Protective Relay Marketplace: 2016-2018 is planned to be a multi-client study which encompasses the world market for protective relays in the electric utility industry. This four volume report series will be the seventh worldwide study of protective relays which Newton-Evans has undertaken. Participants in this market study will include utility engineers and managers from investor-owned utilities, municipal and provincial utilities, cooperative utilities within the United States and Canada, together with national power systems throughout the world. The study will measure current market sizes and contains projections on a world region basis for the next several years. The entire research program will define the product and market requirements which suppliers must meet in order to successfully participate in one or more of these diverse world market regions.

Newton-Evans Research Company estimates from our earlier 2012 relay market study indicate that the North American protective relay market stood at almost $600 million for both utility and industrial applications. It will be important for the P&C community to learn how changes in the world market conditions since 2014 will affect the outlook for 2016-2018.

To read more about this upcoming study and get ordering information, see the brochure page.

Participants in various Newton-Evans research studies are often asked if they would like us to make a donation on their behalf (in amounts of $25 or $50 dollars a piece) to one of several pre-selected charitable organizations including UNICEF, the Wounded Warrior Project, the Canadian and the American Red Cross.

In 2015, Newton-Evans Research Company’s contributions – made on behalf of survey participants around the world – add up to $1,725:  Over the past decade, our survey respondents have selected donations to charities with payments by Newton-Evans amounting to more than $35,000.  We are grateful to our survey participants from around the world for donating their honorarium to these and other charitable organizations.  During 2016, Newton-Evans will be conducting three major international studies, so the donations to UNICEF will likely be substantially higher than in 2015.



The Year in Summary (2015)

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2015 was another busy year for Newton-Evans Research. Some of the studies conducted this past year covered new research topics. While our work was focused on client-commissioned studies, we obtained many insights from operational and engineering perspectives that will assist our research programs in 2016 as we once again conduct our flagship multiclient studies of […]

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Worldwide Study of the Protective Relay Marketplace in Electric Utilities: 2016-2018

December 2, 2015

Newton-Evans is in the planning stages of updating one of its flagship report series on the Worldwide Protective Relay Marketplace, slated for completion in the second quarter of 2016. If you are a supplier of protective relays, relay testing or integration services, or if you are interested in following technology trends, we invite you to […]

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October 3, 2015

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EMMOS Conference Sep. 21-23

August 26, 2015

Just a reminder for those planning to attend the 22nd annual EMMOS (Energy Management and Market Operations Systems) user group conference on September 21-23 at the Marriott Renaissance Hotel in Carmel, Indiana can make hotel reservations at a discounted rate until August 27th. This year’s conference agenda will feature topical speakers and roundtable sessions, technical […]

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The Role of ADMS/SCADA in Building a Resilient & Reliable Distribution Grid: Part 1

August 7, 2015

This is part one of a four part series on ADMS and Distribution Automation. Part one discusses Advanced DA, differences between Distribution SCADA and ADMS, market participants, usage patterns, challenges, priorities, and comments from users. What utilities have said Based on a mid-2014 study of the market for Distribution Automation (along with multiple earlier studies), […]

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July 2015 Market Trends Digest

July 1, 2015

The July 2015 Market Trends Digest is now available to read on our website. Find out what we’ve been researching for the first half of 2015!

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North American Market for Single Phase Reclosers

July 1, 2015

During the first quarter of 2015 Newton-Evans Research Company studied the North American market for single phase reclosers. This survey based report addressed questions pertaining to purchasing volume by type (kV rating and insulation type), protection for 1-phase laterals, brands used, types of connections for recloser communications, importance of various recloser features, and other topics. […]

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Excerpts from Newton-Evans’ North American Distribution Automation Market Assessment & Outlook: 2015-2017

June 1, 2015

Below are some excerpts from this recent survey of 75 North American electric transmission & distribution companies. Where are the controls located for FDIR/FLISR on your distribution system? As had been observed and reported din earlier Newton-Evans studies of distribution automation, respondents continue to provide a mix of replies to this question. Among the 42% […]

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